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Have you ever wondered what it looks like, that moment of recognition when soulmates find one another amidst the chaos of existence?

This. It looks exactly like this.


All I want from Season 6 of Glee is a Klaine wedding!!!


All I want from Season 6 of Glee is a Klaine wedding!!!

I needed of fluffy.

I needed of fluffy.



Watch the whole talk here»

John Dehlin is a practicing Mormon … and an outspoken activist for LGBTQ rights. In this touching talk at TEDxUSU, John shares how a friendship with an openly gay coworker changed his views on homosexuality and led him to a career in psychology.

In his research, John looks at the complex, often-prickly relationship between religion and sexuality. Here, he shares some of his findings — heartbreaking statistics about how negative feelings toward sexuality and attempts to “fix” same-sex attraction inspire suicides and teen homelessness.

I love that last line.



Animals made out of fruit and vegetables

My daughter’s favorite tumblr post ever.
"Dad! That’s a banana dog!"


"Chris was there, but doing what he ALWAYS does, and not really talking to anyone, with his default face which is never a smile. I literally never even saw him speak to Amber, who is meant to be a close friend, right? Or is that some kind of conspiracy too? The boy doesn’t talk to anyone on set much…"  Oh REALLY?? 













Thank you, Tina is just the nicer version of “Shut the fuck up, Tina” in Blaine language





4 minutes

And the crazy part? After Mr. Schu sees how Mercedes and Kurt absolutely owned this song and how they totally commanded the performance… after he saw Kurt sing in his “boy’s” voice and watched Mercedes show that she can do more than just wail at the right moment…. that he never tried to give them any kind of real focus in a competition performance. Mercedes ended up getting focus only after she quit ND and refused to return (bringing about the infamous Trouble Tones deal). And Kurt? Not one solo or lead in three years (even when every other guy in ND got focus).

18,000th post


Re: Season 6 Spoilers

If these rumors are true, then FUCK YOU, RYAN MURPHY.

I would love the entire Klaine/Glee fandom to challenge His Majesty to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. ***And have each and every one of the fans donate $10 for the privilege of dumping iced water over his stupid head. ALS would make THOUSANDS of $$$$$***

Who’s with me?




OMG my throat is raw from screaming for 6 straight minutes.  This is brilliant - absolutely amazing.  EVERYONE should watch this.  And then watch it again.


"…Regardless of your religious beliefs, you don’t disrupt a funeral. A person died, his family are mourning. It’s not about you, dickhead."

Adam Hills rants about the WBC and their plans to picket Robin Williams’ funeral.



That last parallel always kills me.

Tell me they aren’t endgame. I dare you.

For all their differences, at the core the Hummels both have a spine of steel and a golden heart.



oh man just the news i wanted to hear thank god 


oh man just the news i wanted to hear thank god image

"He was too old for me, he’d had three wives, he drank, he was an actor and he was goyim," Bacall wrote in her autobiography of her prime passion.  All that meant nothing to the slinky 19-year-old model who met the 44-year-old star while filming To Have and Have Not.  They wed in 1945 (Bogie coolly muttered "hello, baby" at the end of the ceremony), and the two embarked on several delirious years running late with the Hollywood Rat Pack, saving time for two children.  "Bogie and I were ridiculous, holding hands like teenagers….we mooned and swooned, we really loved," Bacall has said.  The honeymoon ended in January 1957 when Bogart died of cancer.  Wrote Bacall: "No one has written a romance better than we lived it."  —People magazine